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Sail to Sark




Only 3 miles long and 1½ miles wide, it is the smallest of the four main channel islands. Despite its size, Sark boasts 40 miles of spectacular coastline,no cars and no street lights and is the most peaceful, unspoilt destination and a sailors paradise.


Sark's main attraction is its natural beauty and wildlife. Modern life seems far away when enjoying the stunning scenery and coastal walks. If walking feels too energetic, there's watering holes and restaurants serving fresh local produce and seafood.



Creux Harbour

Reputed to be one of the world's smallest harbours. Dries completely. Dry out bows to north east wall or possibly alongside inner south pier, clear of steps. Access the village and nearby toilets, via the tunnel, which cuts through the cliffs.


Maseline Harbour

Jetty in constant use by ferry services, no yacht berths available. All moorings are private. Anchorage only with approval from the Harbour Master on VHF Channel 13. Walk through the tunnel, up the 300 ft Harbour Hill to the Bel Air Inn and The Avenue shops.



Havre Gosselin

Yellow visitor mooring buoys are provided free of charge.

Water Taxi VHF Ch 10


Grève de la Ville 

Yellow visitor mooring buoys are provided free of charge.

Or anchor close in on sand and shingle. Water Taxi VHF Ch 10



Tidal predictions for Maseline Pier for the next 7 days



In addition to the above there are numerous good anchorages around the island, safe in offshore winds but some are prone to swell. Listed clockwise from the north of the island:


Fontaines Bay

Fair holding in sand and shingle


Derrible Bay

Good holding in a sandy bay with some interesting caves


Dixcart Bay

Popular anchorage in this sandy bay with good holding


La Grand Grève

Popular daytime wide bay anchorage, with golden sands, crystal clear water, rock pools and caves. Island access via steep steps.


Port à la Jument

Reasonable holding in sand and shingle


Saignie Bay

Reasonable holding in sand and shingle



Private and landing is not allowed




Large tidal range and strong tidal streams.

Many rocks around the island and numerous lobster pots



At high water tidal stream, sets strongly to the north and at low water, strongly to the south. Slack water is around half tide. If heading to the east coast of Sark, go north about at high water and south about at low water


★★ Navigation and Pilotage ★★

Notes are provided for general information and it is essential to use an up to date chart and pilot book for navigation purposes



Admiralty Charts

SC5604 - Channel Islands (Small Craft Folio)

0808 - East Guernsey Herm and Sark: Beaucette Marina


Imray Charts

C33A - Channel Islands

2500 - Channel Islands Folio


SHOM Charts

6904 - Guernsey Est, Herm et Sark

7159 - De Guernsey, Herm et Sark à Alderney, Bancs des Casquets


Navicarte Charts

1014+528 Cherbourg - Iles Anglo-Normandes

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