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Sark Artists 

Paintings and pencil sketches by Sheryl Hester

Sark is home to a variety of very talented artists, potters, weavers and photographers, showcasing a diverse range of styles....

Amanda Petrie produces some the finest hand woven bespoke woollen and silk scarves. Amanda sells her lovely "one of a kind" scarves to shops and the public.

Rosanne Guille captures Sark landscapes to perfection, in watercolours and other mediums. She has opened a little shop in the avenue where you can view and purchase her work.

Lorraine Nicolle is our very talented potter and she also makes beautiful silver jewellery, you can find her just off the avenue, where she also gives pottery lessons.

Sheryl Hester specialises in large portraits (has painted portraits hanging in S African parliament) and abstracts. She paints mostly in acrylic but does work in a variety of other mediums too. There are many examples of her art in the various Mr Hester's homes, and can be purchased if anyone is interested.

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